Global warming refers to an unequivocal and continuing rise in the mean temperature of the earth’s climate system. Over the past 50 years, the average global temperature has increased at the fastest rate in record history.


Form a point of view global warming effect increasing very enormously in recent years. The adverse effect on the environment was seen to be though the plant and animal ecology. Some of the description here:

Sea Level Rising

The melting of ice sheets is gradually increasing is proportional to the increase in global warming. The average temperature of the arctic zone rising twice on the earth and its vulnerable effect spread in the polar region. A group of scientists says that the volume of the ice sheet is larger than the area of India is already complete its melt and its monstrous scenario will face on the human being as fast. By their study, the rising of sea level increases relatively 4 feet from now as well as one-fourth of the earth will drown under the ocean within the 21st century. Another, according to the Inter-Governmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), at the rate at which the icecap melts, Himalayan glaciers would likely be completely associated with oceans in 2035 which held in danger to living animals.

Acidification in Ocean

The earth marine ecosystem undergoes in threatened as a result of climate change. The Ocean acts on an absorber the emitted of a chemical substance by directly or indirectly human activities into the environment which the resonate factor for the air. Most of the gas and chemical adsorption is a great problem for water in the ocean. An excessive quantity of emission decreases the PH rate of water and formed more acidic water and shows an adverse influence on the ecosystem of underwater life, particularly embodied soul with calcium carbonates shell, including molluscs, Crabs and Corals. This can have great problems with shellfisheries which the resources of the Oyster industry. It dispenses the economical misbalance for a long duration. On the other hand, Rivers, Lakes, Ponds were a sensitive aquatic plant of climate provisory change and its great impact seen most of the fish which are the consumer of proteins on the human body. Quality of water which harmful to survive for fish and it cannot wander frequently.

Penguins Existence

Most of the Penguins, Icebird, survive in the Antarctica region. In general, the climate would cold, dry, and harsh but warming could yield unprecedented rain, or prematurely melt snowfall, creating puddles on the ground. Almost two species of Penguin fascinating survival crisis due to climate change 1. Pygoscelis Antarctica, 2.  Pygoscelis adeliae. The increasing global warmer is the causing agent for this situation. Many Antarctic researchers believe that climate will affect the polar birds through the quality and availability of food and nesting habitat. So, they could not an adaptation to this unfavorable condition.

Higher Death rates

Causing health issues due to climate change increasing day to day everywhere. Like a Heart attack, Stroke and meningitides issue are focusing regularly with a spread quantity within any ages. By World Health Organization (WHO) assessment, approximately 2,50,000 additional- death will cause in per year between 2030 to 2050; 38,000 caused by extreme heat exposer in elderly people, 48000 due to diarrhea, 60,000 due to malaria, and 95,000 due to childhood undernutrition.

All population will be fascinating the vulnerable situation among the mountain and polar regions are particularly vulnerable. Children particularly living is miserable countries are the most vulnerable resulting in health risks and will be exposed in a long duration to the health consequences.

Areas with poor health infrastructure mostly in a developing country like Bangladesh will be the least able to cope without assistance to prepare and respond.

Production of Agricultural Crops

The production of crops is gradually depleted, which is the major result of increasing temperature. All crops up to its optimum temperature, whereas up and down is an effective great influence on its growth. In contrast, seed germination depends on temperature. By human activities, the disturbance temperature demolishes these essential needs of human existence. In case of these human and animals, food cost brings a standstill to pose for the poor earning people in our country moreover likes overpopulated country.

Disease aggravation

Increasing the global temperature will reduce the yield of offshore paddy and increase the onslaught of wheat diseases. In Bangladesh, if the temperature is increased to 2 degrees Celsius, wheat cultivation will not be possible. When the flowers are harvested from the shrubs of paddy plants, the temperature can be reduced to 5 degrees Celsius or higher and the amount of rice can be reduced at very low temperatures (below 20 degrees Celsius). If there is too much heat during flowering or pollinating, then the number of cheetahs will be higher than the thorax. Due to the increase in global temperature and an increase in the amount of carbon dioxide, the normal growth of the paddy tree is disrupted, the paddy tree has a yellow color, the rice seedlings are weak and the crop life span is increased. Climate change is increasing the onslaught of insects and various plant diseases. Attacks of, aphids, and bacteria (germs) and fungal diseases are more prevalent in different crops, including grains. Excess heat and humidity play a vital role in increasing the fungal diseases of the tree, and similarly increases the number of insects and carriers of various diseases. In the Boro season, if the cold and fog fall in the night and the water in the paddy leaves becomes hot and the temperature rises during the day, then the onslaught of blight disease increases. Sheath blight disease levels increase due to high humidity and temperature.


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Md. Sabbir Hossain
Dept. of Soil and Environmental Sciences
The University of Barishal.
Barishal, Bangladesh.

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