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The Objectives of “Earth Review”

EarthReview has several objectives on the basis of which the organization is working to achieve sustainable earth. The objectives are enlisted below:

  1. Developing the basic skill of the individuals, especially who are involved in agriculture and gardening
  2. Soil quality analysis and providing with some basic recommendations
  3. Water quality (drinking water, irrigation water, etc) analysis
  4. Working on the cropping pattern of different locations of Bangladesh
  5. Working on wild /native /local plants of Bangladesh
  6. Environmental improvement
  7. Environmental awareness program
  8. Raising awareness of climate change and risks
  9. Pollution mitigation
  10. Soil conservation
  11. Working on plant diseases
  12. Study on plant growth
  13. Disaster management activities
  14. The arrangement of some effective seminar and discussion so that the basic knowledge about soil properties, fertility, productivity, cropping pattern, water quality, environmental pollution and solution, climate change, global warming, greenhouse effect, etc.