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Environmental and Social Welfare

Environmental Programs

In this modern age, people are trying to lead a luxury life and hence modern facilities are strikeout that creates extra pressure on the natural environment and harms our surrounding environment. Even though we are thinking about our life security while we are forgetting about environmental protection. Consequently, we must concern about environmental awareness and our EarthReview team works for this.

Do we know about the term environmental awareness? Environmental awareness is an integrated part of the movement’s success. Raising environmental awareness is important to save our environment and to protect ourselves. To raise environmental awareness you must first understand environmental issues and different parts through which you can decide to do something better for protecting our surrounding environment. In this twentieth century, protecting the environment is a threatened issue because of overpopulation, climate change, industrialization, deforestation, a huge amount of carbon emission as well as plastic pollution. According to the United States, Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) in 2010 alone 31 million tons of plastic waste was created. So, we can raise awareness through several activities to protect our surrounding environment to live happily.


We arrange several seminars every year based on environmental themes. These seminars held through school campaigns, or partnerships with college or university campus programs with the national or international days of environmental issues such as world environment day, world water day, world soil day, etc. The motto of these seminars is how can we protect the environment, why it is needed to save the environment, what are the main causes of declining environmental resources, why we should aware of environmental conservation, etc

EARTHREVIEW Environmental Programs seminars
tree plantation

Tree Plantation:

We arrange tree plantation programs after every six months by providing trees to the local community as well as we sluggishly plant trees in our homes, college campus, or university campus area. In this time, tree plantation is mandatory to survive peacefully by reducing carbon emission. From this thinking to protect the environment, we all should focus on this sector to save our world as well as to save us.

On spot campaigns:

In this program, we all should go frequently several spots to encourage people about environmental awareness as well as to collect plastics from different spots like roads, campus areas, parks, etc to take aside them and try to minimize plastic pollution, etc.

Social Welfare

Stand with Helpless People:

In this program, we work for disadvantaged groups like the poor, ill, old aged, disaster-affected people, for example, we assist physically disabled or helpless child for their study, provide relief for disaster-affected peoples, distribute warm clothes to the helpless people during the winter season and provide street children with foods, etc.