Bangladesh is one of the countries most likely to suffer adverse impacts from anthropogenic climate change. It is a pressing issue in Bangladesh. According to National Geographic, Bangladesh is one of the most vulnerable nations on the impacts of climate change. As Bangladesh is located on the Tropic of Cancer, she receives fairly direct radiation throughout the year and maintains a relatively high temperature. The threats which are faced by Bangladesh due to climate change are sea-level rise (approximately a fifth of the country consists of low-lying coastal zones within 1 meter of the high water mark), droughts, floods, and cyclones (approximately 130,000 people were killed in the cyclone of April 1990). From 20th September to 27th September, this week is announced as “Global Climate Strike Week” by an organization named Global Climate Strike.

In this week, different programs and events will be organized by different organizations throughout the world. Please, try to participate in the programs as a striker.

As a consequence, the international organizations and developed countries will be aware of and they will move forward to combat the overall adverse situation of climate change. Eventually, the developed countries are the most responsible for #carbon_emission and #global_warming. We the people from developing countries are also doing some activities unconsciously which are also accountable for climate change.

The industrial revolution of human civilization is one of the most important reasons for increasing the level of greenhouse gases, for example, carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, oxides of nitrogen etc are responsible for global warming throughout the planet.

We have to work together to combat climate change so that we can achieve a suitable environment for ourself and for the future generation. If we really don’t care about climate change, we have to pay in the near future. Besides, our future generation will get an adverse environmental to live in, which is not really desirable. Similarly, everything of this biodiversity, for example, animals, plants, birds, fishes, and other aquatic organisms will face a hostile environment due to the activities which are strongly liable for changing our climate.

To sum up, I am inviting everybody as an #Environmental_Steward to participate in this Global climate strike week based programs so that we can face the challenge to combat Climate Change together.





Md. Nayem Hasan Munna
An Environmental Steward from Bangladesh


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