There are many ways for making our environment perfect for all of us. We can use the natural resources such as soil, water and other resources properly. Today I will talk about  7 easy methods to enrich the environment.


1. Tree Plantation


        Tree plantation is one of the most important issues for developing our environment. We should plant trees frequently. When we cut a tree, on that time we should also plant a tree for making the ratio of the Carbon dioxide stable. Eventually, the amount of carbon dioxide plays a crucial role in getting our environment suitable for all the living beings.

2. Skip the Car


         We should avoid a car journey when we will go to the places around us. When we reduce the use of motor-car, the environment will be good for all. Instead of driving to the nearby shopping mall or taking the bus to work, walking or riding a cycle is an eco-friendly condition for our life.

3. Recycling product


         We can use those kinds of products which are totally eco- friendly for our environment. When we go shopping, we should consider the products which can be recycled after using the products.
Thus, when we stop using the products, we can deliver the products to the companies for recycling the waste part of the products. We can also make some outstanding and creative things by using the waste products. Thus, we can save our environment neat and clean.

4. Buy Locally


        We have to buy most of the products locally, not internationally. If we increase the buying ratio of the local product, the farmers of our country will be interested in growing more crops instead of preserving farmland and agricultural landscape for selling. Thus, the stability of our Agricultural sector will be stable for the long run. Buying locally also supports the sustainability and maintaining clean water, soil and air quality which is one of the most important issues in the running era.

4. Live minimally


        Live minimally is one of the way of the 7 easy methods to enrich the environment. We have to be minimalist. We should not waste our resources. When we can survive by using some products, we should not buy more products. It is not perfect to be a minimalist. Not only it will lower the amount of waste, it will make you feel more fulfilled, energised and focused. This is what we learn when we will try to lead a minimalist lifestyle.

6. Use of electricity (one of the 7 Easy Methods To Enrich The Environment)


        We have to turn off the lights when we are not home, unplug electronics we are not using. I think that you have heard this advice before, but it must help our environment a lot for being perfect for our life. Without saving the electricity, it is very hard to make our environment eco-friendly.

7. Use of Water


        Be mindful of water. Water is one of the most essential elements in our day to day life. We can not think a single moment without using the resource. Eventually, the amount of water is fixed in our planet. More than 97% of the water resource is salty. We can not use the saline water for our daily use or drinking. The amount of fresh water is very low on this planet. We have to be minimal for using the water resource. Actually, the amount of the ground water throughout the world is decreasing day by day. Our country, Bangladesh is not free from this issue. Already most of the cities of our country is facing this problem. There is no way without being minimal for using the water resource. We can make our environment balanced by using the minimal amount of water.

        In a nutshell, we have to be mindful of our environment. Without being attentive for saving our environment, we can not survive smoothly in the world. Everybody should play an important role in saving their surrounding environment. Thus we can make our environment perfect by fulfilling our steps. Overall, the government of every country should take necessary steps for improving our environment. The government of a country can introduce some laws for saving our environment. Finally, I think that the 7 easy methods to enrich the environment will be helpfull for making your environment perfect.

Md. Nayem Hasan Munna
Soil and Environmental Sciences,
The University of Barishal,
Barishal, Bangladesh.

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