On 19th January 2020, a seminar was held in our department (Soil and Environmental Sciences, University of Barishal, Bangladesh) and an effective session regarding Biodegradable Materials was conducted by Saiful Paiker Sir, A Navy Officer and Bio-Economist of Bangladesh.

This is a biodegradable bag in my hand. The bag is made from corn starch. If we dump the bag in soil, that will be decomposed within a very short time. On the other hand, if we dump the so-called plastic bag in soil, that will take many years to be decomposed, even more than 400 years can be taken to be degraded. I hope, the research, implementation, production, and use of Biodegradable Materials will be extended in our country, Bangladesh as well as throughout the world.

The use of compostable bags is increasing day by day throughout the world. So, we have to focus on it to get a sustainable planet.

Md. Nayem Hasan Munna
Department of Soil and Environmental Sciences,
The University of Barishal,
Barishal, Bangladesh.
Email: nayemhasansesbu@gmail.com
Websites: www.nayemhasanmunna.info

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