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Sometimes the agrarians such as farmers, gardener, etc cannot acquire effective knowledge about Soil, Water and Plant. But, the three components are directly interrelated with human civilization. Human health can be affected because of the deterioration of the components of the surrounding environment. We have to raise our voice regarding these phenomena. We the young generation of the world can do something special for the society as well as for our planet. “Our Green Lab” is a Voluntary Organization based on Barishal Division, Bangladesh. There are many national and international members who are also working with the organization remotely. Md. Nayem Hasan Munna is the founder of the OurGreenLab. Basically, the organization has consisted of many members of different departments of many universities throughout the world such as Soil and Environmental Sciences, Coastal Studies and Disaster Management, Botany and Crop Science, Geology, Geography, etc. We have a vast environmental mission that will be fulfilled based on the activities of the organization.

The Objectives of “Our Green Lab”:

-Developing the basic skill of the individuals of the Barishal Region, especially who are involved in agriculture and gardening throughout the Barishal Division

-Soil quality analysis and providing with some basic recommendations

-Water quality (drinking water, irrigation water, etc) analysis

-Working on the cropping pattern of different locations of Barishal region

-Working on Barishal regional wild /native /local plants

-Environmental Improvement

-Working on plant diseases

-Study on Plant growth

-Cropping System development

-Disaster Management Activities

-The arrangement of some effective seminar and discussion so that the Basic knowledge about soil properties, fertility, productivity, cropping pattern, water quality, environmental pollution and solution, climate change, global warming, greenhouse effect etc

The organization is totally based on volunteerism. We are working on these kinds of works as we are passionate about this. We hope that we can do something better for the people of the world.

Md. Nayem Hasan Munna
Founder and CEO, Our Green Lab

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